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GIGANT SUI 540 wins the Gold Cup 2015

21 teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland sailed in the waters of Immenstaad Lake Constance for the X-99 Gold Cup, which will replace the World Cup since 2011.

After measurement check on Tuesday the races started the next day. With wind up to 22 knots from west and some impressive big waves the fleet sailed 4 races out of 16 scheduled races. Because of the water depth the first race had to be terminated as the windward mark was adrift. Noteworthy was the sailing performance from the team of Christopher Gelsdorf from Sailing Club Ville on ‘Salon Bleu’, they finished three of the 4 races that day as first in finish. Unfortunately, in first race he was early over the line which helped Benu Seger on ‘Giant’ to take the lead on the first day scoring list. In the fourth race the team from Elke Maurer on ‘Leona Rosa’ was fist ship home and got a strong initial position in the scoring for the following days. Some boats had bad luck with broken sails, damaged hulls after collisions and other unexpected material problems.

In the evening the open ceremony started with a tractor parade convoyed by a marching band through the down town of Immenstaad. Many spectators came to see the parade were each team had its own tractor. After the town major welcomed the teams and opened the dinner with free beer in the YCI club pavilion.

At night a good wind arose what is rather unusual in Lake of Constance, nevertheless. Thus 5 runs could be sailed on Thursday with the nicest sunshine, 16 - 20 knots wind and again with big waves. Everybody was inspired and this was marvelous and brilliant sailings with Caribbean feeling! The results were exciting also, because in every run a differently boat won: Leona Rossa, Giant, edge ale iks, Crawallo and we with the EQUIS. In the evening everybody was dining in Hagnau at a wine test and vespers and got to know the regional wines ;-)

On Friday the wind had to take some breath and wind speed was only 4 - 7 knots from west. Nevertheless, 4 runs could be sailed. The first race was terminated because of large wind shifts. Al other races were hard on the limit and the teams had to accept wind shift up to degrees. So the local team from the Yacht Club Immenstaad “Equis” had an advantage against the rest of the fleet and finished with lowest score on that day.!´”Equis” did sails a risky tactic in shallow waters in between swimmers from the nearby beach with a narrow the risk of being disqualified. Some teams copied the strategy in following races but had not the right timing to go of the prohibited swimming area and were disqualified.

Saturday started again with little wind between 3 and 4 knots. The race committee decided to try but with no success: Again abundant. Later a light breeze came and the 14th race could be started. This defeat went to IGS which was first ship home with a respectful lead of many minutes to the rest of the fleet. Again no wind! The fleet has been waiting some hours on the lake for wind as the committee decided to go back to the harbor. At 3 pm lusty wind came up and we sailed the 15th and last race of the Gold Cup in wind up to 21 knots, sunshine, blue water and temperatures up to 27°C. Caribbean feeling! This last race decided in favor to “Leonoa Rossa” who ended finally on the second place of the Gold Cup 2015. “Giant” from Benu Seger was in the overall ranking unbeatable ahead and decided to stay with the team and a cold beer on hand ashore.

The price giving ceremony was held in the town cellar of Immenstaad. Live music, a great buffet and lots of drinks let the fleet celebrate - well it was a long, long day.

1. SUI 540 “Giant”, Benu Seger

2. GER    “Leone Rossa”, Elke Mauerer Martin

3. GER   „Equis“, Oliver Hund

All participant agreed on a great event with good races, a best organization for the organizer Yachtclub Immenstaad (www.yci.de). 130 sailors could sail the planed 15 races within 4 days a more or less unexpected result for the lake Constance.

We like to thanks and show respect for the 45 head organization team and the 20 years young race officer Xaver with his shore crew. Some of them took even holiday from work! We will keep the Gold Cup 2015 in big remembrance.

Claudia Böhm (North Sails Switzerland) and Oli Hund (EQUIS, Jürgen Ruther (TranslationJ)


Results: Erg_Gold-Cup.pdf


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