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Updated class rules

Class rules have been updated after the last meeting in the Internal boarder for the X-99. 

New in the rules are

  • a small change in the wording on measures for headsail.
  • type of engine are free as long as weight and dimensions of sail drive is similar to or above measures of original Bukh installation.

New rule can be found here: x99_Class_Rules_2016_Final_rev_20160619.pdf


GIGANT SUI 540 wins the Gold Cup 2015

GIGANT SUI 540 wins the Gold Cup 2015


GIGANT SUI 540 wins the Gold Cup 2015

21 teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland sailed in the waters of Immenstaad Lake Constance for the X-99 Gold Cup, which will replace the World Cup since 2011.

After measurement check on Tuesday the races started the next day. With wind…


Hven Rundt ved nat i Zuxu

Hven Rundt ved nat i Zuxu

Arkiv foto af Zuxu under Classic Fyn Rundt

Fed tur. Halvskyet, stjerner og 7/8-måne.

Banen blev "Hven om bagbord", fra start- og mållinie, inde ved Svanemøllen.

På hjemturen fra Hven, ingen problemer med at trimme sejl og se ticklere. Himlen havde tændt for natlyset fra den flotte måne...
Vi var…


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